Lofoten Tours was established in 2013 as a collaborative effort between award-winning Norwegian landscape photographers Stian Klo and Arild Heitmann. The company has since risen to become the leading tour company in Arctic Norway for pure photography tours and workshops. Being one of the only local operators in the market we take great pride in offering the best product available. Our in-depth knowledge about locations, weather and light conditions make us a supreme act in the photography tour business. Knowing where and when the Northern Lights erupts is our speciality, and we will go the extra mile for each client. Feel free to read testimonials/feedback from previous clients at the bottom of the page.

We work closely together with numerous great photographers.  Together we run tours and workshops to Lofoten, Senja, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, & Italy. Take your photography skills to the next level together with us – not only will we guide you to hidden local treasures, but we will also provide in field tutoring and customized post processing tutorials.

Our work has been licensed and featured by Apple, Nike, Instagram, Canon, National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet and lots more.

If you are a tour operator interested in establishing business in the Arctic, we can setup and design a fully customized tour and workshop for you. We have years of experience and work with some of the biggest tour operators in the US and China.

FYI: Unfortunately, we don’t offer individual guiding outside of the listed tour dates. So if you are a solo traveller looking for a few days of guiding, I’m afraid we can’t be of assistance.


Arild is known for his dramatic images from the arctic. His expertise when it comes to photographing the Northern Lights are unmatched. He takes deep pride in showing you new and secret mindblowing locations. Always ready with a joke he wants to make sure youre having the time of your life.


Stian is Arilds other half.  Stian’s main focus is capturing the wild, dramatic and beautiful nature in the arctic/polar parts of the world. Famous for his drone works and known for his crazy sense of humor and stories, he is an amazing guy to travel with and after spending a week with him you feel like youve known him your entire life.


Oddis is the only non-photographer in the Lofoten Tours Crew. Still his contributions are priceless. No one knows the areas in the north better than Oddis. No one can lift the spirit of a group like Oddis. No one does crazy things like Oddis. In short, there is only one Oddis.


Norwegian Landscape & Nature Photographer. Combining his lust to travel and love for photography, he visit both known and unknown destinations around our beautiful planet. Being able to share the beauty surrounding us and teaching you how to capture the moment is what he thrives for.


Born on Senja Island and one of our trusted local guides with a lifetime experience in the outdoors of Northern Norway. Kim has been a regular guide for us for several years and he guides our Lofoten and Finland trips. A superb photographer and an even more superb person!

What Customers Say

Lofoten Adventure Tours Are Unforgettable!


Carrie Cheng, Hong Kong

I was fortunate to find the Lofoten Tours and could not thank both Arild and Stian enough for the workshop. They were fast in responding to my emails and with the immediate communication through messenger and WhatsApp made life much easier. Both Arild and Stian were very accommodating and patience with all participants and have been extremely helpful. Their sense of humor attributed to the fun and relaxed learning atmosphere and thus made the workshop extremely enjoyable. To mention the least , I have learned a lot in terms of techniques and tricks in photography and post processing.

The fact that I am planning to return for another workshop in the coming months will probably be the best proof of how happy I was with the workshop.

Sean & Ivy Nguyen, USA

We were part of the 2016 Spring Northern Lights Finale tour group with Arild and Ryan Dyar, and what can we say, it was a trip of a lifetime. We have met friends that until this day keep in touch with each other. Arild and Ryan were not only great mentors but also great people, they were very knowledgeable, humorous and considerate. When you book with Lofoten Tours,you will have an experience for the ages and the photos to prove it.

Chris Guest, UK

The guides at Lofoten Tours know the areas like the back of their hand. They’re able to look at the weather, change plans in an instant and get you to the best locations at the best times.

The one thing you really notice is: not only do you learn, you also have fun. They take the time to get to know you and make sure you get the most out of the experience. So no matter if you’re there for the photography or you’re tagging along with someone else – you’ll have a good time, learn a lot and make new friends.

Jeppe Michael Jensen, Denmark

“First of all, THANKS for a great week. That week will for sure, be one of the ones that I remember for the rest of my photography career & life.  We were really lucky to hit six nights of Aurorasin a row, I am so afraid that I will never be able get so much luck one more time in my life. Great instructors, pleanty of aurora, on one of the most beautiful spots in the world.”

Ivo Poppelaars, Holland

This photo tour was awesome! I really enjoyed hiking and camping on the island of Senja. The nature is beautiful and Arild showed us the most epic spots of the island. We were in the right spot at the right time to shoot the midnight sun lighting up the clouds and magnificent fjords. I can’t wait to go back!!

Christin Healey, USA

My experience with Arild & Max on the Misty Mountains workshop exceeded all of my expectations. We visited places that I have never seen images from, they were both extremely helpful and adjusted their feedback and tips to each individuals’ skill level, and on a personal level, I’m happy to call them both friends now. I learned so much, came away with some of my favorite images ever, and had an amazing adventure – seriously could not have asked for more!

Shane Wheel, USA

“If you’re looking for an average “run of the mill” photo tour, this is not it, Let me explain why… I’ve been on several photo tours and when they’re successful I’ll usually walk away feeling like I’ve seen an interesting new place and taken some great photos to share with friends and family. With Arild Heitmann and Ryan Dyar at the helm of this Lofoten Tours trip through Norway I didn’t have this feeling, instead I walked away with so much more. This trip was action packed from the very start, shooting sunrises, scouting locations for night shoots, post-processing sessions, shooting sunsets and then up almost every night shooting relentless Aurora! If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, you’ve come to the wrong place, If you’re looking to get the absolute most from your time in Norway and spend as much time shooting as possible and walking away with spectacular photos, then these guys have you covered. The group was the perfect size and with people from around the world with diverse backgrounds and experience. Arild and Ryan went out of their way to create an extremely comfortable and fun environment that helped the group, not only bond throughout the tour, but also create new and hopefully long lasting friendships. So, if you’re looking for an average photo tour, this is not it. If on the other hand, you are looking for the absolute best experience with knowledgeable guides and photographers that go out of their way to make sure you have the best time, then Lofoten Tours is exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re considering a photography trip to Norway, then Lofoten Tours is an absolute must. Ican’t wait for my next trip with these guys!”

Gloria Medina, Mexico

The first thing I thought of the trip was if i was able to survive the cold since I’m Mexican haha. I felt more at home being wonderful group that I had to be . It was like if we already Had known, the trip exceeded all my expectations, I can not be more grateful to Arild and Stian. It is a journey that I will never forget, not only helped me to see other landscapes, other auroras and other climates, and making new friends. They helped me when my boot got wet trying to take a good photograph. ( lol ) thank you very much once again, you both are wonderful people, and surely we will look for new adventures (with tequila of course)

Ajit Menon, USA

I joined Arild and Stian on one of their Lofoten Islands trips and had a great time. I had previously been to the area and it was pretty cool that we visited a few new locations this time – and they were as incredible as the others.

Both Arild and Stian a re a blast to be around – very chill and fun guys – and being local boys, the do know the area.

Amy Fernhowe, Germany

I’ve enjoyed the winter workshop on the Lofoten with Stian o very much. The choice of locations and the tuition were perfect. I also got to know Arild in the preparation of the journey and he was really nice and helpful. A photo of Varheid beach in large format graces my living room and reminds me of the tour. I will definitely book a workshop with them again.

Carlos Cuervo, USA

I joined Arild’s Giants of the North tour on July, 2017. This photo tour is a spectacular 6-day thorough hike of northern Norway where I experienced one of the best landscapes one can imagine. It was truly an impressively scenic hike and the fact that you sleep in the wild makes it a real adventure.

Arild’s friendliness and the camaraderie that grew within the rest of the photographers made this strenuous trip a breeze. The stunning views of every location we explored and the quality of the photos I got out of this trip made it an experience I’ll always treasure.

I can’t wait to go back to a new Lofoten tour for more photo adventures.

Col Walder, UK

“When I set of on my trip I was expecting epic scenery and opportunities to take some stunning photos. That was delivered in spades. What I didn’t expect was the incredible camaraderie and fun that I experienced and I came back not only with great photos but great friends too. I’m already planning my next trip with Lofoten Tours!”

Jay Compton, USA

Of the few photo tours that we have been on, I estimate that 70-80% who attend are professional photographers— those who are there to get that million dollar shot to sell themselves or make money from their photos. Carole and I join these tours, which I would rather call Adventure Photo Tours, because we enjoy the adventure of meeting people, learning about their home, and most importantly, being a part of every photo. Your tour knocked it out of the park! We learned so much about Norway, how to take new and “story telling” photos, and we were in total amazement around every corner. The night that the “Cod” Father came over and told us about his family and life was one of our highlights— right up there with the aurora.

Siddhart Prem, UAE

This has been my second trip with Lofotentours and I must say I’m always pleasantly surprised with every trip. The tour leaders are always committed to giving the group the best and put client’s satisfaction as top priority. What I find most appealing is the experience is relaxed and light hearted whilst we are not shooting and serious/disciplined when it’s time to shoot.

My photography has improved significantly and I’ve learnt heaps! Would definitely recommend and can’t wait for the next trip.

Jan Zwilling, Germany

“As far as your contribution is concerned I could not be happier with the trip. It’s the combination of profound knowledge about the area and flexibility in the schedule that really worked well. On top of that I especially liked the non-hierarchical way of interaction with the group, you blended into the group seamlessly and had a great time too. I guess this is what you mean when you said you felt like you walked home with friends rather than costumers”

Mike Rooke, UK

Testimonial – Mike Rooke – Lofoten Tour 2015 October 4th – 11th

2015 was always going to be the year that I tried to push my landscape photography skills to a new level. Joining Arild and Ryan on this tour was the best decision I made to achieve my goal.

The locations they took us to were stunning. The times that they took us were spot on for the best light, and the best vistas. Their local knowledge saved us so much time that every day presented us with loads of opportunities to capture superb images. I cannot express how grateful I am to them for this great photographic adventure.

They wanted us to succeed and never once did they pass an opportunity to get us to the right location at the right time. Absolutely superb guides. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and the whole group worked as hard as they did to make the most of the week.

I got some great shots. I can now tick off the classic sea, lake and landscapes, but the Lofoten Islands have much more to offer. I have vowed to return to explore its secrets at a more profound level, to explore the character and nature of this wonderful part of Norway.

Oh, and by the way, the aurora borealis behaved itself, and came out nearly every night to tempt us into long and enjoyable late excursions to hill and beach to capture that display as well!
The accommodation and transport was top class as well.

Highly recommended.

Mikey Woundy, USA

First off, I have traveled with alot of different people and I have to say that this group complimented this tour perfectly. I have not been on a workshop/ photo tour before this one, that was blessed with such a perfect combination of great weather, great people, extrordinary locations, and so many auroras!

Arild and Ryan provided a exceptionally memorable tour in Lofoten and processing tips that will greatly help my workflow. If you get the opportunity, go on this tour, I would gladly do again in a heartbeat.

Carl Zanoni, USA

Your Autumn Aurora photo workshop was thoroughly enjoyable with many fine photo opportunities. We were blessed with 6 straight nights of clear skies and strong Aurora. Lofoten, Norway is a landscape photographer’s dream. The workshop was well organized, and the fellow participants had good camaraderie and worked well together in the field. The 1-on-1 post processing sessions were extremely helpful. Thank you, Arild and Ryan, for a superb workshop. I am delighted to recommend it highly.

Federico Farina, Italy

Lofoten was my first photography workshop. I lucked out with Arild and Stian as leaders.
I have been impressed with the quality of the instruction and by knowledge the have of every good spot in Lofoten,
meaning that with them there is always the chance to get good photos no matter how good or bad the weathers gets.
Plus the workshop was run in a really friendly way and I think everyone in the group felt like going on a tour with friends.
My tour in Lofoten with LofotenTours is a trip is I will never forget for sure.

Paul Bruins, South Africa

I recently attended a winter photo tour of Norway’s Lofoten islands offered by Arild Heitmann and Stian Klo. Throughout the trip, both Arild and Stian were attentive hosts, freely offering their photographic expertise, lots of interesting anecdotes, and entertaining us with their dry Viking-like sense of humor. Despite being an experienced photographer, I greatly benefited from their artistic insight and local knowledge, taking our group to places that would normally be inaccessible to regular visitors/tourists. Thanks for a memorable trip Stian and Arild… one thing is for sure… I will be back!

Ali Saifaldeen, Qatar

“I was looking for photography tours in Lofoten for long time. Choosing Lofotentours was the best thing I have done. They are professionals and delivered the best photography tour for us. When joining them I was hoping to see the Aurora once at least. But we were lucky and saw it 7 or 8 nights of our 10 days tour. Not only that, the places they took us were amazing. I got images that made my friends back home juolus. Also I made new friends who helped me to improve my photography skills even more during the tour.  We had great adventure and lots of fun. Now am about to plan my next tour with them”