Behind the scenes pre-COVID-19

We had a very successful start of 2020 with numerous tours and workshops in Norway and Finland (Lapland). Obviously we’ve had to postpone and cancel tours like everyone else – but we aim to return even stronger when time allows it. We have LOVED every single minute spent with you all, and desperately hope we […]

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Fine Art Print Store

A few weeks ago, we launched our print store for our fine art projects at www.kloheitmann.no – We couldn’t be more stoked about this new visual endeavour. So far, we’ve sold several prints to the US, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Canada and domestically within Norway. Way above our expectations.  In the weeks and months ahead, […]

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BenQ SW321C Photographer Monitor review by Stian Klo.

Having a properly calibrated and profiled monitor, is essential for for every photographer and artists. In my workflow, I need to 100% rely on the fact that what I see, is what you – the viewer – see as well. I work full time as a professional photographer, so it wouldn’t make any sense to […]

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