Print series 02 – Monochrome Iceland

Over the years i have visited Iceland time and time again. My first time was almost 10 years ago, before it became the no.1 hotspot for travel. Over the years ive seen the place change, but i still love this country and i have some of my most amazing and precious memories from here…

I decided to put together a small collection of limited fine art prints from my journeys. All in monochrome. Over the years ive done several series in monochrome, but they have always been hidden in my archive since they normally dont shine digitally on social media. Printing and hanging them on a wall becomes a totally different story. Monochrome prints are amazing!

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“The Lake” – 2019 
After a strenous hike through pouring rain and lots of swearing, i stopped and asked myself “why the hell am i doing this??” 5 minutes later this view revealed itself and gave me the answer.

“Pebbles” – 2013
Sleeping in the car on an empty beach. At 2am i sleepwalked and and in a state of half awake/asleep i shot this tiny piece of ice among nicely lit pebbles.

“Drangarnir” – 2015
I nearly drowned seconds before pressing the shutter. It looks calm and serene. This place is not…

“Maelifell” – 2019
On day 3 of a week long hike through a remote area of the highlands, we decided to get to THE best viewpoint of famous Maelifell. It looks like an aerial, but its just the result of climbing a peak much taller than the volcano.

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