Predators of Finland 2021

Senja, Norway  |  Sep 22nd - Sep 27th 2021 (0)
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Dates: September 22nd- 27th 2021

Location: Finland

Available seats: 5/10

Difficulty level: Easy

Price: 2590 EURO 

Registration deposit: 500 EURO (full payment required 60 days prior to the tour).

Arrival: Rovaniemi (RVN) , Sept 22nd

Departure: Rovaniemi (RVN) , Sept 27th

Included: 2 Professional photo guides, accomodation, transport, access to hides

Not included: Any travel services required arriving and departing at and from the starting location in Rovaniemi (RVN) airport. Any private insurances, taxes, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable. All meals and any personal items including alcoholic beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance.


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Predators of Finland 

Join  Arild Heitmann and Stian Klo on a 6 day adventure deep in the Finnish forests. This is the only place on earth where it is possible to photograph bears, wolves and wolverines at the same place…at the same time! These meetings are magical and the photographic possibilities are endless. Set in a mystic wetland in the forest, ancient pine trees create the perfect setting for encounters with the majestic predators.

On the border to Russia the Finnish legendary photographer Lassi Rautiainen has a place where dreams become real. There are several different hides and we will use the ones that has the best surroundings in order to give us the most incredible opportunities of shooting these amazing animals in their right environment. We have 5 days in the hides and will change between different hides and settings.

There are several hides in the area. In general you can say that there are 3 prime locations for the hides:
– the bog, often called “paradise”. This is the place where you can often see up to 6-8 bears and several wolves at the same time. Wolverines often can be seen as well.
– the lake. A small lake where its possible to shoot bears walking and playing at the shoreline. Great spot for reflection shots etc..
– the forest. Great spot to shoot especially wolverines in a forest environment. Bears and wolves often roam here too…
We will do all these 3 locations. Im hoping for 2 days in paradise and 2 days at the lake + 1 day in the forest.
The animals may come very close to the hides, but normally they stay around 25-30 meters away. There are no risks involved in being this close to these magnificent animals, but it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We have timed this for optimal autumn colours!

We are staying at a basecamp with shared rooms with the option of single rooms available (250 EUR extra)

A typical day would be:

  • before breakfast shooting morning landscape
    – 10.00 breakfast, daytime landscape trips
    – 14.00 dinner (taking food for evening / night)
    – 15.00 to hides
    – 19.00-20.00 back to base and night in base
    also possible to spend the night in the hide if you are feeling properly hardcore


We are staying at basecamp close to the hides. This is not a luxury hotel at all, but it has its own atmosphere and its located in a BEAUTIFUL spot!  Its a former forest workers’ residence situated on the border to Russia. The base camp sits on a headland, surrounded by a lake and the boreal forest. The building is a traditional rural Finnish log house. The general atmosphere  can be compared to that of a large family rather than to that of a hotel.

We have our own corridor at our disposal:

1 shared toilet and shower

Aurora twin room
Big 1 twin room
Big 2 twin room
Single 1 single room
Single 2 single room

Costs 50 eur It includes breakfast, food in hide and dinner.

Airport of choice
You can choose to fly into Rovaniemi and being picked up by us since we pass there on our way from the north. You can also choose to fly into Kajaani Airport which is closer to our basecamp. We can pick you up there as well.

Photography gear:

We recommend lenses in the range from 100-600mm. It is possible to rent fast 300 – 400mm prime lenses.

In the hides there is no need for tripods. We only need to bring ballheads to attach in the hides.


Physical fitness:

The most remote hide requires a 1 km walk. The other hides are close by.



This is a photography tour. Arild & Stian will be available at most times to help and assist if needed.