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Misty Mountains, Norway  |  Jul 25th - Jul 31st 2023 (0)
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Dates: July 25 - 31st 2022

Location: Misty Mountains, Norway

Available seats: 1/6

Difficulty level: Hard

Price: 1990 EURO 

Registration deposit: 500 EURO (full payment required 60 days prior to the tour).

Arrival: Harstad (EVE) , July 25th - no later than 10:45am

Departure: Harstad (EVE), July 31st - at any suitable time

Included: Professional photo guides, all tuition  and transportation. Mountain tents and cooking gear.

Not included: Hiking food. Any travel services required arriving and departing at and from the starting location in Harstad (EVE) airport. Any private insurances, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable. Any personal items including alcoholic beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance.


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Disclaimer: Video is from the area close to the area we will be visiting. It gives a relatively accurate description of what it will be like.

Misty Mountains Hiking Adventure

Come backpacking through one of Norway most amazing and secretive mountain landscapes. You will be guided by professional photographer and local expert Arild Heitmann.

Over the last years we have done the classical Misty Mountains hike. This year we are doing a brand new route taking us to the most extreme summits and viewpoints in the large area that we call the Misty Mountains. If you have done the classic trip before, this trip will include brand new and breathtaking viewpoints!

You will have the chance to photograph an area that barely gets any visits from hikers, not to mention photographers. This trip is filled with highlights from beginning to end. We will be camping in the most magical spots while we do day hikes to amazing viewpoints. This is like walking around in a scene from Lord of the Rings.

The entire area is incredibly beautiful with tranquil lakes and tarns, dramatic peaks and expansive vistas. It also has mysterious forests and magical waterfalls.

On this adventure Arild will teach you the skills of an adventure photographer. His work has proven that unique and great places can be found everywhere.

You will definitely return home with a great experience, new photography friends, some awesome photos and new skills to find some good photography spots yourself.

We will be hiking through the mountains in a remote part of Northern Norway, just north of the Lofoten Islands. This is easily one of the hidden gems of Northern Norway. The closest airport is Harstad/Narvik, Evenes. We will be on hand throughout the 6 days to provide our insight on the approach to mountain photography. We will cover a variety of topics in field.How to:
– recognize stunning landscape photography locations in the field.
– use foreground elements (with and without focus stacking).
– shoot waterfalls, lakes and snow caves
– use a person in your mountain landscapes.
– post-processing lessons through a recorded video done after the trip.If you’re an advanced photographer you will also benefit from this tour, since it will give you access to a unique area. Whatever your ability level we are able to provide the tuition or independence that you require. This will in no way be like large group workshops where you don’t receive the individual attention necessary to progress your photography. The long hours we spend together hiking make this a really immersive experience. 

Required Equipment

A full equipment list will be provided upon registration. We will provide cooking kits (we can share between us) and mountain tents. You will need to provide the remainder of the kit yourself. The Equipment we provide is mountain tents from Hilleberg & Helsport. You can ofcourse choose to bring your own tent.

You will be expected to carry all of your own kit, including the tent.

We will provide basic food for the trip. This will be Drytech high quality freeze dried food in portion packages. We set up food bags for every day that have enough calories to keep you going throughout the entire trip. There will also be a surprise or two in this regard.

Fitness & Weather
This trip requires a certain degree of fitness. Although there is no actual climbing and no technical routes, the distances and amount of ascent on certain stages can be a challenge for the uninitiated. This route is suitable for hikers who have been up a few mountains. If in doubt please contact us. If you have any ongoing injuries (knee, ankle etc) this route is not suitable.

The month of July is normally a perfect time for mountainhikes in this area. We hope for excellent weather and great light, but in the mountains everything is unstable. The only thing certain is that nothing is certain. We will continue to hike in most weather, it will still be fun! If we get clouded in we have alternative routes going lower in the mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of photography is required ?

All of ours tours, workshops and masterclasses are open to beginners as well as professionals. Our only criteria is that you have a great passion for photography, and have the energy and motivation to be on the go every day and night.

Will I see and photograph the Northern lights?

No. Aurora season is from late August to early April. What we will get is soft, golden light that lasts for hours. 

What camera gear should I bring?

At the very least, bring your own camera, lenses, tripod and a laptop. A detailed list of recommendations will be provided upon registration. If you are considering upgrading or investing in new camear gear prior to the trip, feel free to ask us for advice.