Winter Adventure

We are currently in between our workshop season and are enjoying some quiet down time until mid-january. But its not all quiet… We get a lot of questions around what its like living up north in the period when the sun is away. Let me tell you something; its freakin awesome! Its a common myth that the light is gone and its just dark and miserable. In reality, yes the sun is below the horizon and we only have a window of 4-5 hours of “daylight”. But these hours are pure gold! The light is intense with a blue/purple glow. For photographers its heaven.

A few days ago Arild and Oddis decided to climb one of the more remote peaks in the Misty Mountains. They had to ski 30 km and climb 1100 meters to get to their destination. Ice axes and crampons where needed to get all the way up to the ridge. The whole area was full of sastrugi, perfect wind-carved snow with out of this world shapes. Few people get to experience these remote places, so its our pleasure to show you a glimpse of what this place looks like.

Oddis on his way through the birch forest, still during blue hour.

Crossing one of the frozen lakes.

Climbing a frozen steep section with crampons. Legs are getting tired.

Almost there!

Up on the ridge we found ourselves in paradise! The light was already fading and the cool colours were really enjoyable.

Oddis approaching.

Finding his way up to the summit. What a place!

Made it!

Some well-deserved REAL field meal!

This is what we call polar light. Its hard to describe just how intense this light is.

Cold but amazed!

Finding our way back down again in the dark. Sore legs for a few days, but totally worth it!

If you want to join Arild and Oddis on their mountain expeditions, we are offering a few hiking trips. The Misty Mountains trip visits this exact place in mid-july.


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    Posted by Donnie| December 19, 2017 |Reply

    My legs are sore just reading about it! Great visual story.

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    Posted by Susan Fleck| December 21, 2017 |Reply

    Wow incredible. Thanks for sharing these photos.

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